New Brunswick, Canada 

                    Black Bear


    $1,900 2017 Price

               5 Day hunt





100% Opportunity

We have limited hunts during the Spring and Fall which keeps our bear population at a high opportunity

We only take 2-3 hunters per week

We have over 30 baited sites and most have not been hunted in years, but we still bait them!

We have repeat clients every year



5 Day hunt includes hunt, food, lodging, skinning, and trophy preparation


License for non-resident is $150/ 2nd Bear Tag $150 (Trophy Fee 2nd Bear $200)


Come and experience trophy black bears in New Brunswick, Canada with outfitter Gary Reeder. Over 25 years of experience to ensure you a succsessful hunt. Our pictures and videos prove it!







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Hunting Camp



Tim Hortons 1.5 miles away

Walmart 3 miles away

5 miles away

Within a few miles there is also:



Gas Stations

Burger King

Dairy Queen

Subway Sandiwhich Shop

Scotia Bank

Barber Shop

Butcher Shop


Soushi Bar

Super Markets

Canadian Tire (Same as Tractor Supply in the US)