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              New Brunswick, Canada 

                    Black Bear


    $2,750 2023 Price

               5 Day hunt





100% Opportunity

We have limited hunts during the Spring and Fall which keeps our bear population at a high opportunity

We only take 2 hunters per week

We have over 30 baited sites and most have not been hunted in years, but we still bait them!

We have repeat clients every year



5 Day hunt includes hunt, food, lodging, skinning, and trophy preparation


License for non-resident is $150/ 2nd Bear Tag $150 (Trophy Fee 2nd Bear $800)


Stop spending $1,000's and $1,000's of dollars on bear hunts! The prices out there are ridiculous. Come and experience trophy black bears in New Brunswick, Canada with outfitter Gary Reeder. Over 25 years of experience to ensure you a succsessful hunt. Our pictures and videos prove it!






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Tim Hortons 1.5 miles away

Walmart 3 miles away

5 miles away

Within a few miles there is also:



Gas Stations

Burger King

Dairy Queen

Subway Sandiwhich Shop

Scotia Bank

Barber Shop

Butcher Shop


Soushi Bar

Super Markets

Canadian Tire (Same as Tractor Supply in the US)

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