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              Nova Scotia, Canada


                                           Black Bear


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                                                    Hunt with Outfitter Dave MacLeod

Bear hunting in Nova Scotia has had some amazing percentages of success due to the vast number of bears in recent years. The bears on average dressed weights run from 200-500 lbs., with a high percentage of bears taken with a 19″+ skull.


The season runs from the second Monday in September until the first Saturday in December at bait sites only.

Here we only hunt bear from the second Monday in September for the first four weeks ending in October – with 2 to 3 active sites per hunter. All sites are monitored with trail cameras. 95% of our sites are on private property.



We hunt only in the late afternoon and evening, at active baits with minimum hunting pressure. Through the day you may sight-see, hunt, or fish, depending on the season and package that you purchase.

Hunting is done from ladder, climbing and lock-on stands along with some ground blinds, and your safety harness must be worn at all times while in the stand.


Once you have booked a trip with us we will send you a detailed list of things to make your trip more enjoyable and successful. As well, we will send you some pictures from our sites in the weeks prior to your arrival.

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