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Here at Wild Trophy Outfitters we believe in our outfitters work and dedication, and our clients have always something to say about their experience.

Client's contact information will be furnished upon request.

Down below are some of our references that have commented on their hunting trip.


Some references may not have a picture due to their request.

I'm a 1st time black bear hunter and I came across Wild Trophy Outfitters, and really booked a hunt of a life time. I shot a Boone and Crocket Black Bear. Thank you Dave (outfitter), and thank you Filippo!


Joe R.

Amawalk, NY

Dont waste your time looking around for other outfitters. Trust Wild Trophy! I shot my first black bear Sept 2013. They do all the work for you. Since I'm not into computers they even booked my flight for me. Thanks!

Book your hunt here!


Frank G.

LaGrangeville, NY

I spoke to 4 outfitters previous to Wild Trophy Hunts, and all were worried about money more than hunt. I understand its a business and people have families to feed, but there is a way of speaking to clients. Fortunately, Wild Trophy Hunts knew how to do it and get it done the right way!


R. Kissman

Ridgefield, CT                                                    Photo Confidential

I booked a hunt through Wild Trophy Hunts and had one hell of a good time. I'm going back next year ,and I will shoot a bigger one. Thank you!



Tom A.

Ambridge, Pennsylvannia

I had one day of business in Nova Scotia. That's too far to travel from California for one meeting ! So,being an avid hunter, I did some research on what I could hunt to make my trip worthwhile and more noteworthy. I quickly found that black bear was the only option for a late September hunt. I checked out many websites and Davids seem to be the most legit of them all. I've never booked a hunt solely based on a website, so I called Dave and felt confident that he would be the best outfitter for a Nova Scotia black bear hunt. I WAS RIGHT !

Dave runs a top notch outfit. He has 24 stands, doesn't over hunt them and is very helpful with all of a hunters needs.
I had a rough start on my hunt. The first day, I probably got pounded with 4 inches of rain. Got soaked to the bone despite good rain gear. Saw no bears. Day 2, the wind howled so hard I got a little motion sickness from my tree swaying back and forth. Saw no bears. Dave said the bears must have gorged themselves previous to the storm front. Amazing that animals can prepare for a storm and our weathermen can't predict the weather more than ten minutes ahead. Day 3, the weather is nice and warm, no wind. I had a bear roll in at 4:45 but he was a teenager. I was both fascinated and amused at his 45 minute venture with the bait barrel. Day four, 6:05 PM I notice movement out of my left side. It was a bear, a decent bear, but it was 20 yards from the barrel and didn't want to commit to it. Nevertheless, I readied my rifle. The bear seemed stuck in his tracks. Then out of my right eye, I see movement near the barrel. Now this was a big bear. It's no wonder the bear on my left wouldnt commit. His grandpa got to the barrel first. I waited very impatiently for the bear to turn broadside and he obliged rather quickly. I fired with my crosshairs on his vitals, he was hammered hard with my .300 ultra mag and quickly disappeared into the dense forest. Within 5 seconds, I heard the crash and death moan. He went about 15 yards on pure adrenaline. The bear weighed 280 lbs and had an 18 inch plus skull. That was my first bear and also my first bear hunt. I'm glad Dave was my first bear hunt outfitter. Also had the privilege in meeting Filip Sags.

Great hunt. Great experience



Ray S.

Shell Beach, California

I googled black bear hunting in Canada and was overwhelmed with outfitters.

I called quite a few outfitters to have them never return my phone calls. I met Filippo at a Sportsmen Show in NY, and was explained fully how my hunt would be. I harvested a beautiful black bear and I will return again. 



Patricia L.

Dover, NJ

My hunting trip was a blast and Wild Trophy Hunts even filmed it for me. I shot a beautiful antelope at 225 yards. Thank you very much. See you next year!



Anthony S.

Yonkers, NY

I booked my 2nd hunt with Wild Trophy Hunts. This time I brought the whole gang with me. Dont take chances in booking with the wrong outfitter. Book with Fil and you will be very pleased. Oh, and very succsessful!


Steven L.



I booked my 2nd hunt with Wild Trophy Hunts. This time I brought the whole gang with me. Dont take chances in booking with the wrong outfitter. Book with Filippo and you will be very pleased. Oh, and very succsessful!


Cosimo P.

Mamaroneck, NY


Im a senior citizen and met Filippo at a Sportsmen Show in 2012, and I'm glad I did. He answered all my questions and promptlly returned my calls, and e-mails. The guides were beyond helpful and curteous. They made my hunt a true memory!

Thanks Fil



John S.

Redhook, NY

1st time antelope hunter. Wild Trophy Hunts hooked me up with a great hunt, and filmed me too. Well worth the money to be famous on dvd.

Thanks Filippo




Roberto P.

Mamaroneck, NY

Trust Wild Trophy Hunts and book a hunt with them. I shot my 1st antelope ever within 2nd hour of hunt. They even booked my flight. Thank you!




Domenico A.

Mamaroneck, NY

Filippo, Just wanted to say thank you for all the help with my trip to Alabama. GSO crew was awesome, food was great nothing fancy just good southern cooking. Lodging was very nice would not hesitate to bring my wife, clean and comfortable.
The weather didn't cooperate the first day, but after that things picked up. I didn't come home with the trophy I would have liked, no fault of GSO I did manage to however to bring home some venison. If you would like to use me as a reference feel free. 




Mike E.

Michigan, Detroit                                           Photo not yet available

Thank you guys for a wonderful experience. I had the best time ever and it didnt bankrupt my savings account. I will definitetly book another hunt again. Thanks!




Cody S.


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