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Whitetail Deer & Mule Deer (100% Fair Chase)



            No State Land




Come hunt with Outfitter Mike Watkins, and his Professional Guides                                                                                     in 

                       Wyoming or Montana for Whitetail or Mule Deer


Deer hunts are 3, 4 or 6 day hunts and can be combined in a number of ways, ranging from a 2 state 2 buck deer hunt in both Wyoming and Montana, to deer and antelope/deer, or antelope and Merriam's turkeys. These hunts are conducted from our lodge, in North-east Wyoming, Western South Dakota, and South-East Montana.

We very carefully select our ranches for both quality and quantity of game, and for those willing to wait and work hard, real trophies are there to be had. Additionally, in the region we hunt in November, our hunters not only get to hunt during the rut, but also have the opportunity to harvest either a Mule deer or Whitetail deer with quality bucks of either species can be found in large numbers.

All hunts are 2 hunters per guide unless booked as 1x1 at an extra charge. Additional doe/fawn licenses may be filled at an additional charge. Additional charge of $250.00 will be collected at hunt site for airport transportation and $95.00 for meat processing.

40% Deposit is require to book, hunt is booked only when deposit is received. Deposits are refundable only if not selected for licenses. Balance is due prior to start of hunt payable in cash, cashiers check, or travelers checks. (No personal checks are accepted at hunt site.)


                                                      2022 Prices
                                         Meals and Lodging are included

  Whitetail or Mule Deer Rifle Hunts                                           


 3 Day 1 Buck Hunt                                       $4,150

 4 Day 1 Buck Hunt                                       $4,850


6 Day 2 Bucks/2 State Hunt                           $7,300




 Bow Hunts 


5 Day 1 Buck Hunt                                       $3,900

7 Day 1 Buck Hunt                                       $4,600



 Combo Hunt


5 Days: 1 Deer and 1 Antelope                       $5,900


6 Days: 2 Deer (any type deer)                       $6,900

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